Tag League Coaching

Liverpool Tag League encourages registered participants to develop their skills so as to be able to play the game to the best of their ability. This improves game play for their team and for all involved. To support this, skills development coaching is available for teams and individuals free of charge.

Coaching sessions are broken into 3 key categories;

Individual Skills Development

This is conducted as a group session, and is an opportunity for individuals who have not played the game before or feel that they need to improve at a personal level so as to be able to contribute on an equal footing with other team members. This includes practical training on the application of the rules of the game, ball handling and basic skills drills, field positioning and entry level tactics. These sessions are available each week coinciding with regular game nights. Please advise the competition supervisor at the ground if you are interested in joining a session.

Team Coaching

These sessions are conducted for a maximum of two teams simultaneously, with interested teams to register their interest and schedule a session. This is an opportunity for teams looking to take things to the next level and are willing to invest some additional time as a group to assist their progress in the competition points table. These sessions include assessment of each team member and looks to position them best for their role in the team. It also looks at development of team tactics and set plays for practical application in regular competition. Sessions would normally be scheduled on regular game nights to suit participating teams so as not to clash with scheduled games. Teams interested in coaching should contact the Competition Manager to discuss their situation and schedule a session.

Representative Team Coaching

Liverpool Tag League will enter teams in representative Tag League tournaments for the benefit of registered team members who wish to play tag League at an elite level. Individuals looking to participate are encouraged to register their interest. These individuals will then be assessed for their level of skills and those showing appropriate aptitude and/or experience will be accepted in the representative squad. Representative coaching sessions will be scheduled for the squad in advance of major competitions, and members must commit to attend on a regular basis to be considered for selection in the team entered.

Coaching Guidelines

Teams can use any Coach of their choosing, however Coaches must be approved by Liverpool Tag League and must be registered members of the Tag League Association to be eligible to work with teams during the Liverpool  Tag League competition season. Teams may have an approved coach work with them during games on regular game nights. Approved coaches may take the field and play as part of the team for a maximum of 3 games in any season. The coach must take the place of one of the other 8 players allowed on the field for that team, and is treated as a substitute player. The coach is not considered a Fill In from an administrative stand point and does not count towards a teams use of Fill In's for the season.