Competition Draw - Spring 2015 Mixed Open Wednesdays - R1-5

Games commenced as scheduled on Wednesday 23rd September for the Spring 2015 Mixed Open Division.

There are now 17 teams competing in the Mixed Open competition playing on Wednesday Nights at Woodward Park.

We are expecting an 18th team to join in the coming week to even out the draw.

There will now be 3 games playing in 3 time slots: 7.00pm, 7.45pm and 8.30pm.

The Mixed Open competition will be run ungraded for the first 5 rounds.

The results of these games will be assessed and teams will be allocated into 3 divisions.

A draw for the final 7 rounds of the round robin will then be published, with teams in each division playing each other. 

Points accumulated in the first 5 rounds will count towards the season points score.

At the end of the Round Robin, the top 4 teams in each Division will proceed to a sudden death finals series.

Cash prizes are on offer for the teams who make the Grand Final in both Divisions, with the winners of the top Division also scoring Premiers Jackets or other customised merchandise of their choosing.

Requests for early and late games, have been supported.

Requests for non-conflicting game times for participants playing in multiple teams has also been supported where possible.

Draw last updated Tuesday 13th October 2015 at 7.19pm.

Mixed - Spring Competition 2015    
Woodward Park    
Team 1 1738'ers    
Team 2 TWA    
Team 3 Black and White    
Team 4 Elite Warriors    
Team 5 Jahkobe    
Team 6 Giants    
Team 7 Oztag LAD    
Team 8 Slippery Gypsies    
Team 9 Super Team    
Team 10 Tag Along    
Team 11 TFS Tag    
Team 12 The Expandables    
Team 13 Timor Taggers    
Team 14 Unicorns    
Team 15 Westside Tagers    
Team 16 Why So Serious    
Team 17 Wu Tag Clan    
Round 1 Wednesday 23rd September 2015
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
6.30pm Oztag LAD v Slippery Gypsies
7.15pm Black and White v Timor Taggers
7.15pm Westside Taggers v Wu Tag Clan
8.00pm Super Team v Tag Along
8.00pm Elite Warriors v The Expandables
8.45pm Jahkobe v TFS Tag
8.45pm 1738'ers v Unicorns
Round 2 Wednesday 30th September 2015
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
6.30pm Black and White v Westside Taggers
7.15pm Oztag LAD v TFS Tag
7.15pm Elite Warriors v Unicorns
8.00pm Super Team v The Expandables
8.00pm Slippery Gypsies v Tag Along
8.45pm 1738'ers v Wu Tag Clan
8.45pm Jahkobe v Timor Taggers
Round 3 Wednesday 7th October 2015
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
6.30pm Super Team v Elite Warriors
6.30pm Whys So Serious v Black and White
7.15pm Oztag LAD v TWA
7.15pm Slippery Gypsies v 1738'ers
8.00pm Tag Along v Westside Taggers
8.00pm Jahkobe v Wu Tag Clan
8.45pm The Expandables v Timor Taggers
8.45pm TFS Tag v Unicorns

Round 4 Wednesday 14th October 2015
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm Slippery Gypsies v Super Team
7.00pm TWA * v Black and White
7.00pm The Expandables v Why So Serious
7.45pm TFS Tag v Elite Warriors
7.45pm Oztag LAD v Wu Tag Clan
7.45pm Tag Along v Jahkobe
8.30pm Giants v TWA *
8.30pm Timor Taggers v 1738'ers
8.30pm Unicorns v Westside Taggers
* Denotes 2 Games to be played as Make Up
Round 5 Wednesday 21st October 2015
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm Westside Taggers v Elite Warriors
7.00pm Whys So Serious * v Slippery Gypsies
7.00pm TFS Tag v TWA
7.45pm Timor Taggers v Super Team
7.45pm 1738'ers v Black and White
7.45pm Tag Along v Wu Tag Clan
8.30pm Whys So Serious * v Oztag LAD
8.30pm The Expandables v Giants
8.30pm Unicorns v Jahkobe
* Denotes 2 Games to be played as Make Up

The draw for Rounds 6-12 will be published after the conclusion of the first 5 Rounds.