Senior Competition Entry Information

Winter 2022

Last Updated: Tuesday 22nd February, 2022 at 4.50pm.

General Information

The Winter 2022 Competition will be played at Woodward Park Liverpool.

Click Here for a Map & Directions to the venue.

The Spring season is being offered as a 12 week competition, comprising of 11 weeks of Round Robin plus 1 week of finals for qualifying teams.

Multiple divisions are available, being Mens Open and Mixed Open.

Entry is open to teams, individuals and groups of individuals wishing to play together.

Whilst teams play 8 a side, they must have at least 10 fully paid members, we recommend 12. There is no maximum number of team members.

Individuals will be placed in a team and can nominate what division they wish to play.

Groups of Individuals who wish to play together but do not have enough members to form a team can enter and every effort will be made to have them placed in the same team, or find sufficient additional members to form a team.

Registration Fee's & other Costs

Registration cost in the Liverpool Winter 2022 Senior Competition is as follows;

Liverpool Winter 2022 Competition Fees
Venue  Woodward Park
Day of Week Wednesday
Mens Open  $ 90
Mixed Open  $ 90
Special Offers
A 20% discount applies for registration in any team/s if playing in any other Tag League Competition in any other  location playing on a DIFFERENT week night.
A FULL REFUND of Fees on a pro-rata basis for any games missed by players participating in multiple teams on the same night in the Liverpool Tag League competition due to overlapping game times. Players must notify Liverpool Tag League in writing on their registration forms of the cross over.

Pricing is per person for the entire 12 week season, there are no additional costs beyond shorts/tights and shirts.

Standard Tag League Shorts or Tights cost $30 or $35 respectively. (Other Tag Sports shorts/ tights are acceptable, please check with the competition supervisor if yours are OK). 

Tag League shorts come in two short styles, shorts (unisex) or tights (female), in a variety of sizes. These can be tried for size at registration days and ordered in advance of the season. They are usually collected and paid for on the first day of play.

Teams are expected to wear uniquely numbered (1 or 2 digits numbers only) T-Shirts or Jersey's in the same colour. Teams will be given until the third round to comply after which they will face a points penalty or not be permitted to take the field.

Shirts are not Tag League specific, but must be able to be tucked into shorts which is a requirement of play.

Shirts can also be ordered from the Tag League Shop, visit the "Tag League Shop Facebook Page" for details.

Shirts come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be customised with team or personal names. Prices vary accordingly.

Shorts and Shirts are also available throughout the season, just approach the competition supervisor at the field.

A minimum deposit of $20 per person is required at time of registration, with the balance due by the first round of the competition.

Delegates registering a team will be required to make a deposit of $200 at time of registration.

Payments can be made via; Cash, Direct Deposit, EFTPOS or Credit Card, NSW Government Active Kids Vouchers.

Team payment can be made as a single payment, or individually, and can be split across payment types such as a mixture of Cash and Credit Card.

Teams or individuals who pay a deposit and do not proceed with final payment may forfeit that deposit.

All registrations are subject to acceptance. If a division does not receive enough entries to proceed, registrants have the option of moving to another division or receiving a full refund of any fees paid.

Registration Process 

1. To enter a team in the Liverpool Tag League Winter 2022 competition, you need to complete a Team Competition Entry Form that can be DOWNLOADED HERE. Details of all team members need to be included. You need a minimum of 10 team members before you can enter for Tag League. Additional team members can be added at a later date, we recommend a minimum of 12 players for Tag League so you have subs and replacements if people are unwell or unable to attend.

2. To enter as an individual, you will need to fill out an Individual Competition Entry Form. Groups of Individuals who wish to play but do not have enough people to form a team can also use this form and we will endeavour to place you in the same team, or find additional people to make up numbers to form a team. The Individual Competition Entry Form can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

3. The competition entry form registration form needs to be submitted to Liverpool Tag League along with full payment, or as a minimum a deposit of $20 per person. Registration forms can be lodged via Inbox, email or post.


4. Payment can be made via Direct Deposit or EFTPOS. A credit card payment authority form can be DOWNLOADED HERE for Email or Postal applications. Alternately, Direct Deposits can be made to the following account, or call 1800 466 090 during business hours for over the phone payments;

  • Account Name: Tag League Association Incorporated
  • Bank: Westpac
  • Branch: St Marys NSW
  • Branch Number (BSB): 032273
  • Account Number: 357693
  • Please use Team names or Individual names as a reference so we can track payments.

5. The Tag League Association is an Active Kids provider, approved by the NSW Office Of Sport. This means that we are able to accept Active Kids Vouchers for the purpose of paying registration fees. To use a voucher, simply;

  • Print your voucher and present it to staff at any registration night or on the first game night of the season
  • Your voucher will be treated as cash payment
  • If your voucher fails verification, further / alternate payment will be requested

6.The balance of fee's are due prior taking the field for the first round of the competition, and all shorts and tights must be paid for on collection.

7. Once registrations close, a competition draw for each competition will be completed and published under the "Competition Draw" tab on this web site. It is the responsibility of Team Delegates and all Individuals to ensure they know when their games are played.

8. Results from games and a points table will be published weekly under the "Competition Results" & "Competition Table" tabs on this web site.

9. We recommend participants join the "Liverpool Tag League" Facebook group to receive notifications regarding the Winter 2022 competition.